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Webinar - Accident Reconstruction and Injury Biomechanics in Low-Speed Motor Vehicle Collisions
Wednesday, April 06, 2022, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM PDT
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The 60-minute Members-only seminar is designed to give legal professionals an advanced perspective of accident reconstruction and injury biomechanics applied to low-speed motor vehicle collisions.

This educational webinar will be presented by Vector Scientific, Inc. (VSI) a nationwide forensic consulting firm specializing in the areas of injury biomechanics and accident reconstruction in motor vehicle, sport/recreation, and industrial/occupational accidents.

VSI Senior Engineer Zach Weimer, a licensed Professional Engineer with a dozen years of experience specifically in vehicle accident reconstruction, will present definitions and descriptions of various impact configurations, impact types (directions), and severities (magnitudes) and their relevance in low-speed collisions. Event Data Recorders (EDR; aka black boxes) will be covered including providing numerous examples of applying EDR data in low-speed collision analyses.

A team of four Vector Scientific biomechanical experts with decades of experience, President Jeff Wheeler, Biomechanical Engineers Steve Storvik, Wade Baker, and Michio Clark, will give specific subject matter presentations covering the biomechanics of the spine, biomechanics of concussion, and biomechanics of shoulder and hip injuries as they specifically relate to low-speed motor vehicle collisions.

Presented by:

Jeffrey B. Wheeler, M.S. – President
Zach Weimer, M.S., P.E – Senior Engineer
Steven G. Storvik, M.S. – Biomechanical Engineer
J. Michio Clark, Ph.D. – Biomechanical Engineer
Wade A. Baker, M.S. – Biomechanical Engineer

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