Amicus Committee

The ADC's Amicus Committee can help support you and your clients in a case of general defense interest in all of the following ways:

  1. Requests for publication or depublication of Court of Appeal decisions.
  2. Amicus brief on the merits at the Court of Appeal.
  3. An amicus letter supporting a petition for California Supreme Court review.
  4. Amicus brief on the merits at the Supreme Court.
  5. Share oral argument time, with court approval.
  6. Help moot court advocates in advance of oral argument.

In many cases, the ADC works jointly with our Southern California colleagues, the Association of Southern California Defense Counsel. Getting the chance to bat around these issues with lawyers from across the state is another great benefit of being on or working with the amicus committee. If you are involved in a case that has implications for other defense practitioners, or otherwise become aware of such a case, or if you would like to get involved on the amicus committee, contact any or all of your amicus committee. 

Amicus Committee Chair

Don Willenburg - Gordon & Rees

Amicus Committee Members