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Webinar - Failure to Disclosure Claims in Residential Real Estate - Claims, Defenses, Damages and How to Resolve the Cases Cost Effectively
Wednesday, May 31, 2023, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM PDT
Category: Webinars

The historically cutthroat nature of the California real estate market has created a watershed of failure to disclose cases in the residential purchase and sale arena. Buyers often write over-asking offers with no inspection, loan or appraisal contingencies. Buyers have little if any opportunity to verify and investigate the disclosures and reports they receive and must often sign off on prior to writing an offer. Real estate professionals are caught in the position of remodeling houses to ready them for sale and often do so without permits and with unlicensed contractors. Real estate professionals are often poorly trained to give quasi-legal advice about how to complete thorough and accurate disclosures. The confluence of these events had led to a mass influx of cases. Notwithstanding the volume of available business for a real estate attorney, they are not all worth taking as Plaintiff’s counsel and many are defensible when properly analyzed. In this seminar, Deb will discuss:

● Considering the plaintiff’s perspective - why and how plaintiff's counsel poorly
evaluate their claims, overreach and create stigma damage to their client's home
● Evaluating the case from the defense perspective - advertising, disclosures, reports
and red flags
● Common claims, defenses and damages
● Special issues: flippers, long-time homeowner sellers, first time home buyers
● The role of real estate professionals - party or witness?
● The 1542 waiver - an early get-out-of-jail-free card long before other problems
rear their ugly heads during new ownership

Presented by:

Deb Graceffa, Esq., Mediator / Arbitrator / Neutral Evaluator | Graceffa Law, Inc.

Sponsored by: Judicate West


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